Qobuz Playing Games with my bill

I been charged twice a month since November. $ 14.11 on the 2nd and $14.32 on the 23rd. 

There is no telephone number.

No email address.

They have a bot chat delivering solutions that can not be accomplished.

I will call my CC company tomorrow and challenge all the charges.


Meantime I just have one thing to say to the Qobuz people- KGFY.

Anyone else have the run around with these folks?


Yes, Qobuz double billed me as well, I called my credit card company and they took care of it.

Keep track of your bill with them.


News flash. I did get a response from them on a billing thing. It was ten days later. 

I cancelled tidal after the trial.  I figured aout a few months later they were still charging me.  I checked and indeed my account showed cancelled   took me forever to get ahold of them.  They had 2 accounts for me and I had cancelled one.  They contended I accidentally opened a new account trying to log in.  I suggested something more nefarious.  they refunded a couple of months but not all of it.  

The credit card said they provided the service, even though I didn't use it, and would not reverse the charges.