Qobuz Skipping or Short Pauses

We have a Bluesound using BluOS. Signal path is AVM 90 to Bluesound to Denafrips Venus using coax. Qobuz skips or short pauses in all masters. Very annoying. Any ideas to correct this problems  wi fi is solid to about 250 mgbs.




If none of the above works then router? If possible ditch Wi-Fi. Additionally at times all internet connections hiccup. Is your power 100%?

I’m in a black hole for internet reception and finally got Starlink. It’s software shows all the things using the internet, some hard wired and some Wi-Fi. Eighteen is the tally!

I also use Qoboz and last night it stuttered and skipped back a few tracks. A first after two plus years.

I had the same problem with my Node(latest version) as well but with Tidal MQA tracks.  It was almost as if a switch was being turned off and on every other second.  Non MQA was no issue.  I’m using USB out to an external DAC.  I was already an Amazon HD user and just trying out Tidal temporarily.  I’m sure there was a simple fix but being the impatient old guy that I am I opted for canceling my Tidal subscription.  I also had the Node 2i and could never get a higher sample rate than 44.1 using WiFi.  Once I connected Ethernet directly to either old or new Node, I started getting the higher sample rates.  Sorry I don’t have a solution for you..but I do have empathy 

I only have this problem on Qobuz and it's very infrequent now

I've never had the issue on Tidal

The recommendation from Roon was to hardwire the network connections where possible and avoid wifi for best results

I know that's a band aid, compromise, inconvenient and does not fix the root cause of the problem

That said hardwiring eliminated 95% or the interruptions I was experiencing

Happy listening and enjoy the journey


Question, does it do it on Radio Paradise as well?  I have the new 2021 Node. It’s my second one because the first one did just that, but all the time and on everything.  Returned it and got another one and it can go for weeks without a problem and sometimes there are 2-5 second gaps. No rhythm or reason. For me, I’m pretty sure it’s my provider, after turning everything off counting to 5 and plugging everything back in.

All the best.


I'm not motivated enough to get to the root of my Qobuz problem because it honestly only matters for me with certain pieces of classical music, and my go-to classical streaming site is Idagio. Yeah, I did attempt to go into Qobuz settings and try to cure the problem but I couldn't get deep enough into the site to find the proper button to push. In short, I'll try to live with it.