Qobuz sound quality intermittent issues?

Sat down for a listen few days ago for a listen. Patricia Barber “Cafe Blue”. Sounds flat, soundstage all cluttered in the center, glaring mids, muddy bass, details subdued, highs rolled. Tried several other albums, same thing. Got so frustrated signed up for Tidal trial. Played same albums on Tidal sounds like it should. Back to Qobuz and no bueno. Tested network speed, in the upper 200s. This morning rebooted all routers (eero mesh, Apple AirPort base station. Rebooted the player.  Played same material and seems to be back to normal on Qobuz
Anyone else ending up in the same boat?
What gives?

Auralic Aries G1 player, Bryston BDA-3 DAC. 

@audphile1 I am sorry to hear of your troubles but relieved that another person has experienced this (was pulling hair out with this issue).
I have experienced various streaming woes for nigh-on three years when I first tread into the deep end of streaming. My initial foray was with an Auralic Aries and Meitner MA-1 DAC. All was swell for a time, then I started noticing what I now call, "treble fungus"- This malady presents with the same set of symptoms you have described: "soundstage all cluttered in the center, glaring mids, muddy bass, details subdued, highs rolled";
Over the many months since I first started streaming (Roon based) I have rolled through numerous digital bits: Innuos Zenith MKIII, Innuous Zen MKIII, various DACS from Chord, MSB, PS Audio, Luxman, and Bricasti; I have built and tested a few different Roon cores, the latest being the EXACT build spec of the most recent Roon Nucleus. Ether Regen, expensive ethernet cables, a top rated Ubiquiti Mesh network- streamers always connected with copper CAT6 minimum spec, latest cable modem from my internet provider, power conditioning and numerous power cables to the various streamers.
I have moved heaven and earth (as far as i'm concerned, lol) to drive away networking gremlins and provide a stable residential network (aside: best ever streaming to the various consumers at home- zero complaints- love ubiquite gear) yet I still experience "treble fungus" from time to time;

I know it is NOT the gear or power because when TF strikes I pop a redbook CD in my Marantz 8004 SACD player i've had for years (thank God I kept it), select the CD transport source on whatever DAC i've had and voila, the air and music is back; Sometimes equipment reboot restores the sound quality, sometimes not;

To this day, and most recently I've noticed TF rear its heinous head once again. Qobuz in particular was sounding like depression inducing mid-fi garbage. Lumin U1 with Tidal direct, NO ROON, yields expected high end results: Coherence, air, full soundstage blah blah blah--you get the point I hope;
The Lumin U1 is a close second to the CD Transport into Bricasti M1 dac;
I suspect this variable SQ with streaming is a regional thing and that TF is a periodic local virus and I/we just have to deal with this first world problem; CD's and a shot of Blanton's get me through it;
Cheers all and enjoy the tunes; Peace

Thanks all for the replies. I thought I was either losing my mind or my hearing.  Good to know I’m not the only one experiencing these nastiness of streaming. 
I rebooted all network and audio hardware including reconnecting USB cable between AURALiC and Bryston and rebooting both units (power cords out, waited and reconnected). It seems to be back to normal. We’ll see how long it lasts before Treble Fungus strikes again. 

Very interesting “Treble Fungus”… pretty imaginative. I had the exact same problem… but was using Tidal and my Auralic Aries G2. I attributed it to the Aries… it was not intermittent, although the right kind of music could cover it up. I traded in for a Aurender and have never experienced it again. My center soundstage is completely clear and unconfused. I now own two Aurrenders… tremendous streamers.
Good all day after the reboot. Threw bunch of different albums at it and it sounds fine. So something is going on either with qobuz or network or the streamer. I also tried it with AES cable and that too sounds fine. 
@ghdprentice what DAC are you using?
Great news @audphile1 ! Enjoy the TF free experience:)
@ghdprentice Congratulations on your fine system! I’ve always wanted to hear those speakers; I imagine a musically authentic experience; I once had an Aurender N10; fabulous machine; I was an idiot for selling to go back to Roon; Cheers!