Qobuz sound quality intermittent issues?

Sat down for a listen few days ago for a listen. Patricia Barber “Cafe Blue”. Sounds flat, soundstage all cluttered in the center, glaring mids, muddy bass, details subdued, highs rolled. Tried several other albums, same thing. Got so frustrated signed up for Tidal trial. Played same albums on Tidal sounds like it should. Back to Qobuz and no bueno. Tested network speed, in the upper 200s. This morning rebooted all routers (eero mesh, Apple AirPort base station. Rebooted the player.  Played same material and seems to be back to normal on Qobuz
Anyone else ending up in the same boat?
What gives?

Auralic Aries G1 player, Bryston BDA-3 DAC. 

@ghdprentice awesome setup! Had Audio Research CD3 MkII years ago and to this day regret selling it. Can only imagine how good your cd player sounds with years of experience and digital evolution behind ARC’s belt now. 
Yes you can program the Auralic to auto-reboot but it results in unit freezing up. I brought this up with the AURALiC team about a year ago and it’s yet to be resolved. Not s big issue but still. I sat down to listen last night when it was quiet in the house everyone asleep and confirmed that reboot of the streamer did the trick. It sounded amazing. Details, tone, soundstage, dynamics all in spades. Was listening to Tidal and even though my dac doesn’t do MQA the system sounded as good as it should. 
Sorry, sounds like you have been having a similar experience with your Aries that I did. All issues went away when I bought an Aurender, first a 100N then the W20SE. The differences were profound. My system is simply spectacular with a library that is nearly infinite in size. Aurender knows how to build streamers. They put enormous effort into quiet power supply and the software works flawlessly with large buffers to make up for any transient internet issues. To me Auralic performed like mid-fi, Aurender performs like high-end.

In case your interest in the Aries is driven by not having access to an Ethernet connection, the solution is simple. Buy a wall wart wifi extender (~$60 ) and plug in next to your system. Then you just need a short Ethernet cable to the wall wart… and you are in business with any streamer.
@ghdprentice ethernet not an issue. I have one extender close by. I’ll read up on Aurender but so far last two days the system has been sounding great. 
Wanted to post an update….

Since my last post, the Qobuz sound quality had fluctuated several times. It’s gotten back to normal then back to garbage again. Same symptoms - cardboard bass, glaring mids, muted highs, constipated soundstage. Acceptable for background music while you’re on a zoom call but not much use beyond that.
Qobuz recently reduced their subscription fee. In a world where prices only go up…they must know they’re effin it up.
Tidal on the other hand is stable and sounds wide open. 
audphile1, I experienced the same issues during the first week or so of my Qubuz trial.  I was ready to jettison Qobuz.  Then for some inexplicable reason the sound improved.  I have two days left before the end of the free trial.  At this point I’m inclined to keep Qobuz and cancel Tidal.
 I find Qobuz to sound more detailed and natural.  Tidal definitely incorporates a bass boost with a tipped top end which is a plus in one of my systems, not so much in my latest system.  However, Qubuz has an oddity I find disturbing.  Files labeled HD play through my vintage Linn Numerik???  The Chord Hugo also indicates a 16/44 stream.  They play and sound fine but why the HD label when they’re not?