Qobuz Special Offer

Qobuz must be feeling the impact from Amazon, (just my guess).  They are now offering their service for $14.99 per month or $149.99 for a full year.

Limited time offer.

Artists used to make money by selling records and cds.  No more, the model has changed. 

Depending on the streaming service an artist will need, in most cases, to stream 100,000 songs per month just to make minimum wage. 

If you really want to support the musicians, buy the cd.
or support the musician by seeing them live and buying merch.  agreed on CDs and LPs
I have compared the catalogs of tidal and quboz and tidal has many more albums of the music I like. Another plus for tidal is MQA. Amazon might have more music than both tidal and qobuz combined, but Roon can’t access amazon and amazon doesn’t have MQA so it’s a non-starter for me