Qobuz Special Offer

Qobuz must be feeling the impact from Amazon, (just my guess).  They are now offering their service for $14.99 per month or $149.99 for a full year.

Limited time offer.

After having used Tidal for at least a few years, I find Qobuz better sounding.
I've been a TIDAL HiFi subscriber for 4 years. I recently signed up for the 30-day Qobuz trial. Seems that Qobuz has more hires albums than TIDAL has MQA albums. I also find I can listen to Qobuz hires albums in my car's stereo by bluetoothing my phone to the car stereo. The SQ in my car is fantastic. Check out Van Morrison's "3 Chords and the Truth" album.

I'm guessing that when I bluetooth TIDAL MQA tracks to my car stereo, it renders to Redbook 44.1KHz/16 bit resolution. I'm switching to Qobuz.

I have over four years of albums, tracks, artists, and playlists saved in Tidal.  Does it seem worth it to make the switch?  Is the Qobuz library comparable to Tidal?  Curious if anyone has been using both services side by side and can share their experience. 

I took advantage of the Qobuz free trial last month...  I liked Tidal but after listening to MQA through my Vault vs the 24/96k stream to my DAC I thought the DAC sounded better.  MQA through the Vaults analog out was pretty good but as I understand it, the Vault can not fully unfold MQA so why bother?   I am running Qobuz through my NAD M51 and coundn't be happier with the sound quality.  I also think Qobuz interface is a little better and not littered with artists I have no interest in.

There is also a good selection of 88.2 k through 192k content compared to Tidal which is what I'm looking for, it's the main reason I'm paying for music.    The best part was during my free trial Qobuz announced the $14.99 hi rez plan.....it was a no brainer.   They did bill $14.99 correctly and I'm happy i switched.