Qobuz Users Update?

the service in the USA has been out a few months now. initial posters on this site commented on good sound quality in hi rez but a limited catalogue. I listen mostly to Jazz and Classical. Would anyone who has been a user from the get go please comment on your experience? I've been a Tidal guy for years and am fairly satisfied. Thanks to anyone taking the time to comment
I've been receiving errors on my BluOs using Android. They are connectivity errors stating:
Error...internal server error Qobuz. AND
Error...Not found Qobuz.

I've been assigned a Bluesound tech who checks in with me daily. The first contact was to have me send an activity log to them via BluOs. Errors were reduced significantly after this.
Now I can get thru a 3 hour listening session flawlessly. The rep is still handling my case and will do so until I am satisfied.
Very impressed with the sound and the service so far.

I signed up about 2 months before it was released off a UK site.  I have both.
I think I'm going to just use TIDAL.
I joined Qobuz at the highest level, $299/yr., basically because I got into digital hi-res files only recently and wanted to quickly build a decent library, and when you are the highest level, you get substantial discounts on hi-res (over 44.1/16) content. Unfortunately, I have been a little disappointed in the number of selections at that "discountable" level, but everything is still substantially cheaper than HD Tracks, and I’ve saved at least $100 so far (3 months.)
Agree though the sound quality on about everything is excellent, but I don’t find the mobile app very user- friendly when I’m in the car. I’m sure it is still improving all around.
I am not sure about qobuz but I recently switched to Apple Music from Tidal and to transfer my data I used "Musconv Tool" which made my transfer really easy and fast. So if you decide to switch from Tidal, you should get help from "MusConv" which lets you transfer all your music data from one streaming platfrom to another.
As I previously reported, I am anxiously waiting for Qobuz to complete their API for my Aurender N10 music server so I can sort my album favorites by artist name.  This API will help me find my albums.   Aurender Customer Support reports they are also waiting for the API related rollout information.  They will need to update their Conductor App.  Other server type vendors will also need to implement the API assuming they decide to support it.

I emailed Qobuz today and asked when they expect to release the API that will enable me to sort my album favorites by artist name, etc.  Sorting my albums into artist name sequence is a high priority item for me so I am looking for its rollout.

I have dropped Tidal Streaming so Qobuz is my only quality streaming service and I like it very much.