Qobuz vs. Tidal

Greetings to all,

I'm sure this has been asked before. Which do you prefer and why? Qobuz customer service is worse than terrible. Is Tidal CS any better? 

What about selection? 

Thank you!


Lately I have seen tidal bandwidth lacking ,not even Flac files on some recordings 

not good . On average QObuz I feel sounds better.

I have both Qobuz and Tidal.  For me, on my system I find the sound on Qobuz to be better; however, I do use both via Roon. I will add that I am very impressed with the latest update that Qobuz did just a few weeks ago allowing for easy import of playlists from any other service into their platform. I also prefer Qobuz remotely.  I primarily listen to Jazz, Classical, and Rock. I did have an issue on Tidal once and they resolved it …. eventually. 

I have Tidal, Spotify & Qobuz. I had a major computer problem & lost both Qobuz & Tidal. Tidal CS worked with me for over half an hour getting it back. Great service. Qobuz never answered my email. I finally deleted my QB account for a week & opened a new one because I think it sounds a little better than Tidal. Lucky I had Spotify to save all my music. I used Tune My Music to transfer all the playlists back to Qobuz & Tidal. I'll keep all three now...just in case. 

@soix and @arnold_h for me thru the conductor 4 app it’s been the opposite. For example if I search for Patricia Barber on Qobuz, I get her albums that are available along with the Live A Fortnight in France where not a single song is available for streaming. I ran across a similar search results for other artists. But I’ve not seen albums not show up. Overall it’s pretty solid though. 

I have both and prefer Qobuz because I think the SQ is a bit better and it offers more high res cuts. SQ is subjective and I find the difference slight but noticeable. 
I think the Tidal interface is better and maybe it has a greater selection 

In my opinion both are really good- millions of lossless tunes available at the press of a button for a modest monthly charge 

it’s a long way from the record clubs of my youth