Qobuz vs. Tidal

Greetings to all,

I'm sure this has been asked before. Which do you prefer and why? Qobuz customer service is worse than terrible. Is Tidal CS any better? 

What about selection? 

Thank you!


I have both and prefer Qobuz because I think the SQ is a bit better and it offers more high res cuts. SQ is subjective and I find the difference slight but noticeable. 
I think the Tidal interface is better and maybe it has a greater selection 

In my opinion both are really good- millions of lossless tunes available at the press of a button for a modest monthly charge 

it’s a long way from the record clubs of my youth 

I've used both Tidal and Qobuz, and have stayed with Qobuz for the SQ. However content curation and the recommendation engine of Tidal are MUCH better. In my view it's fair to say Qobuz offers the best SQ and the worst content curation.

I have the Eversolo DMP A8. I couldn't figure out how to delete tracks on my Qobuz phone app. Right clicking on the Qobuz desktop app allow me to delete tracks. It's much easier to edit playlist on the desktop app.

So if I want to transfer my Tidal playlist to Qobuz I can do that now? Do the Tidal songs stay in the same format they were in Tidal? On a side note I was listening to Tidal the other day and all the MQA songs still played. 

Qobuz needs no customer service.  It's your app for the streamer that might be your problem. CD's have a slight edge in SQ compared to Qobuz streams played through the same DAC. In a blind test you are hard pressed to tell the difference.