Qualities Of An End-game System

Qualities of an end game system: 

- Speakers disappear

- The room disappears

-  The listener disappears, his mind is shut down/gone.

- There is nothing left but the perception of falling into an abyss filled with music. 

- The listener doesn't know where any of the music came from, but, it is all inside of him. Sex, drugs, etc can't come even remotely close to such an experience of pure audio nirvana.


If your system can't do that (whatever it may be), you have no end game.






When your system causes you to lose interest in changing anything with it ever again, it's end game.  You'll never know. But others may know after you die, if they bother to think about it. 


How about this. End game is a label some folks use as an attempt to put an end to (cap) on upgraditis. The false belief that there is a point when one will finally not be inclined to upgrade.

This 👆

@immatthewj music can get so good it will float in the air.  Lol.  For some of us music does get us high!    Time to tap that EAR VEIN! lol 

@calvinj  , with certain discs (in my system mostly SACDs) I can get that.  But I am assuming from most of the content of this thread that the OP considers "end game" to be beyond that.