Quality 1 meter RCA Interconnects under $100?

Looking to now upgrade my interconnect cables a bit after finally piecing together a basic system. Cannot afford more than this right now. I have one pair of the Blue Jeans, a pair of Walter’s silver series, and need a 3rd pair now. I have been seeing many "suppliers" out there. Morrow (maybe level 2 or 3 series w/ their basic RCA?), Audioquest, Blue Jeans, more of Walter’s, etc.

Should I ideally be using all the same interconnects?
Any recommendations on brands, models & type of cable e.g. Belden, Mogami, etc?
I am open to used cables, quality "DIYers", etc. if you all have any contact info.
Trust any of the "DIYers" on ebay?

I would greatly appreciate any recommendations/advice! I’d like to keep a pair of 1 meter under $100, but willing have to stretch a bit if it is worth it...

Much appreciated!
I have really liked Anticables entry level IC. Very clean with good bass and depth. They often have their level 2 offerings on sale on the clearance page on their website.
I replaced BlueJeans RCAs with Audience Ohno and it was a nice improvement. In your price range. Check them out on TheCableCo. 
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