Quality 1 meter RCA Interconnects under $100?

Looking to now upgrade my interconnect cables a bit after finally piecing together a basic system. Cannot afford more than this right now. I have one pair of the Blue Jeans, a pair of Walter’s silver series, and need a 3rd pair now. I have been seeing many "suppliers" out there. Morrow (maybe level 2 or 3 series w/ their basic RCA?), Audioquest, Blue Jeans, more of Walter’s, etc.

Should I ideally be using all the same interconnects?
Any recommendations on brands, models & type of cable e.g. Belden, Mogami, etc?
I am open to used cables, quality "DIYers", etc. if you all have any contact info.
Trust any of the "DIYers" on ebay?

I would greatly appreciate any recommendations/advice! I’d like to keep a pair of 1 meter under $100, but willing have to stretch a bit if it is worth it...

Much appreciated!
You haven't said what it is you don't like about your system, currently. 

Do you have a specific goal or are you just feeling the itch to upgrade? 

It seems to me you'd do better to save up until you can invest in something that will make more than a minor improvement.

I have had excellent luck with basic RCA cables made by Zu Audio.  They were purchased as close out or inventory left overs some time back, at a good discount, came out to well under $100 a pair.  They have fine sound and are very well built with high quality jackets and connectors.