Quality Budget RCA Interconnects

I'm looking to complete the set up of my first HiFi system and one of the last pieces of the puzzle is a decent interconnect. I'm not really looking to spend more than $40, but I'd like to find an interconnect that takes that 40 bucks as far as it can go. My set up is as follows:

B&W 685's
Jolida 1501 RC
Music Hall CD 25.2

Any thoughts, suggestions, offers, etc. are apreciated. Thanks in advance for helping out a newbie.
Thanks folks for your answers so far. Any thoughts on Audioquest cables? The Sidewiner or G Snake?
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If you can handle a soldering iron, consider the DH Labs Silver Sonic BL-1.
At $4/ft plus appx $8/connector, they will be slightly over your budget BUT they will be keepers for the long term.
Cnheck the Audio Concepts website for the raw materials. You may be able to do better for the connectors but the RCA's that they sell are goood quality.
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