Quality issues with Tekton speakers....

I was reading all the buzz about these Tekton speakers and after sorting through all the reviews, decided to order a pair of the Pendragon (the big ones... $2,500 a pair).

When they arrived, I found them to be boxed well and in perfect shape, although one thing was very noticeable once I looked at the speakers. The woofers had a slightly different tone (color). The upper woofer in each tower was basically dark gray or black (like most paper woofers you might come across) and the lower woofers were slightly blue in color. After looking on the web some, I could not find a Pendragon speaker photo ANYWHERE that had this color difference. Since they did not come with speaker grilles, I knew the color difference would bother me as long as I owned the speakers.

I contacted Tekton (Eric Alexander) via e-mail and explained the issue. After almost a week of not hearing back, I sent another e-mail and his response was...

(copy and pasted right from my e-mail)... " I'm sorry. Please refresh my memory. What seems to be the problem? Thanks, Eric"

I described the issue again and he offered to exchange the speakers. I said there was no need to ship back a huge pair of 85 pound speakers and have him send me another pair and suggested maybe he just send me grilles at no charge to cover the speakers and I could live with the slight color difference in the woofers. I really feel that grilles should be included in a $2,500 price tag however.

All of these e-mails took several days to answer by the way.

He agreed and said he would get the grilles out right away... they were sent a few days later and upon arrival, I realized there was a pretty big problem. I had a normal type speaker grill with 4 pegs on the back and a speaker with no peg holes. After all the time, e-mails, no answers, etc., I was not interested in wasting any more time with the matter and asked for a partial refund through PayPal and asked a simple question... why send me grilles for a speaker that he just shipped to me with no holes to put them in? His reply was to offer to make new grilles and send "velcro dots" to affix them to the speakers with.... WOW.

The WORST part about all this: Within 30 minutes of making a PayPal claim about the issue and asking for a partial refund from him, Eric tried to call me right away... now that there was money at stake.

The really sad part of all this is that the speakers actually sound pretty damn good now that they are broken in... I just hope the quality and communication come up to the same level for the sake of Tekton as a company.

I agree with you 100%. The best solution would be to return the speakers and have the Seller provide a full refund including return shipping. Then move on to a manufacturer that can provide you with the product and service you want.

Previously I have dealt with a small manufacturer and sometimes they just don't get it in terms of customer service and quality control.

Others may have had a good experience with Tekton, but their experience is not relevant to your experience, and does not make your experience any better.

I hope this gets worked out to your complete satisfaction.
I realize that this has all gone on for too long, and there are good points on both sides, but one question that Audiofreak never answered as far as I can remember was what amount of "partial refund" he requested from Paypal. It seems to me that if he is not satisfied with the appearance of the speakers, a partial refund would not be a remedy, so why ask for it?
I just saw the photo you posted. Absolutely unacceptable to let that pair of speakers leave the factory. I'm a Tekton speaker owner btw, Initially, the OP should have been offered free shipping back to Tekton and he should have been offered a courtesy fee of let's say $100 to have the OP spend his time packing up the speakers and arranging the return. I imagine Eric's profit margin is quite small so that there is little financial margin for error when incidents like this happen. Business is not for sissy's, man up or get out. Do the right thing the first time. If the manufacturer, Tekton, doesn't take responsibility and offer a great return option then the consumer should negotiate a reasonable return arrangement.
I work for doctors. there is no one pickier, more demanding , higher maintenance, and more abrasive than a doctor that believes they are not getting what he/she paid for. When I install an instrument that costs $30k or $40k they expect perfection, and that's what they get as my customer. I guess as an "audiophile" I expect the same when I drop 2 or 3 grand on a component.

Last year I bought a pair of Revel speakers, each of which had a tiny hole in the grills. Although the grills were backordered with no firm date Revel came up with a new pair and got them right out to me. I've had equally great support from c-j, Magnum Dynalab, and NAD recently. And while sound is paramount it's a company's support that keeps me coming back.

If you like the speakers I would get him to replace them with cabinets that are drilled for the grills he just sent you......If not return them and press PayPal for all of your money back.

After reading Tekton's "mission statement" I would say Erik is a real piece of work. Here's his take on his competition:

"Not built by girls in China…
5 years have transpired and things really haven’t changed much – originally posted on October 4th, 2009

TEKTON DESIGN: Not built by girls in China1 – WHY YOU SHOULD BUY FROM US

First: Tekton Design loudspeakers are not built by 18-year-old girls on assembly lines in China who have the very minimum skills to do a single menial task in the name of hi-fi.

Second: Our products are something we are proud of. We’re doing our very best to bring you precisely hand-crafted and perfectly executed systems, and we do this at a price point that we can proudly say fits within truly affordable hi-fi!

Third: We’re truly setting ourselves apart. In the under $1k price range for speaker systems, we’re offering products that compete in a market in which 90% of our completion literally has no bona fide or legitimate argument/explanation for its presence as one of our competitors. One of my closest friends stated it perfectly: “The greatest thing about speaker building is that anyone can do it and be successful, but the worst thing about speaker building is that anyone can do it and be successful!” This paradox is real. Think about it… Asian manufacturing coupled with big marketing is king. Their stuff is produced in the tens of thousands and is offered to the masses. Where are their personal skills and talents? Nearly all of my competitors have no real background in loudspeaker design and innovation… they aren’t acoustical brainiacs, nor are they craftsmen. They lack the intellectual property and patents. They’re simply entrepreneurs that specialize in what lawyers and insurance companies have coined best: “One call… That’s all!” That is, the “entrepreneur” calls an international vendor, places an order for the “best sounding” and “lowest possible priced” speaker systems that the vendor can produce. Quality sacrificed.

Please spread the word about Tekton Design…

Best regards,

Eric Alexander
CEO & President, Tekton Design, llc


I’ve worked in China. The top 10 consumer brands are built on assembly lines made up of girls in China. I’ve watched their stuff come off the assembly line and be stuffed into boxes bearing the labels of the brand logos you know."

I would bet anything that his drive units are not made in USA.

I'm all for buying made in USA and try to whenever I can, and you can bet I was pretty surprised when I discovered my Revel speakers were built in Indonesia. Regardless of where they were built the fit and finish is incredible. It only makes sense for Harmon to make them there, SB Acoustics is the OEM for theirs and many other companies drivers.

I would love to see the Build Of Materials for their products, I'm sure everything but the cabinets are sourced overseas.....

Maybe Erik should focus on delivering quality products and customer service instead of ripping on his competition......not to mention the huge set of balls he has implying he has no competition in the already overcrowded $1000 range.....my only concern would be if they are going to be around to honor their 5 year warranty.....
" And while sound is paramount it's a company's support that keeps me coming back. "

Customer support is the biggest differentiator between companies IMHO in that there are many that offer really good sound but not all offer equally effective customer support when needed. If it does not work as it should, that defeats the whole purpose. Things break, accidents happen. CS is paramount with most everything. High end audio is not so special or unique in that regard.