Quality of Analogue Productions pressings

I was extremely excited about Chad Kassem's new pressing facility in Kansas ever since Michael Fremer cover this new development in an issue of Stereophile several months ago. Finally, a pressing plant designed and built by an audiophile for audiophiles, I rejoiced. Fremer's review of "Tea for the Tillerman," the first pressing released from the plant, reaffirmed my excitement. So with high hopes and expectations I finally purchased my first AP reissue, Norah Jones "Feels Like Home." Mastered by Kevin Gray, pressed at Kassem's in-house pressing plant QRP. "Innovation + Precision = Best LPs Ever Pressed" is their tag line. Sweet. I paid over $40 for the record, which appears to be a bit more than what some of the online retailers sell it for, but what the hell, I thought, I want to support my local record store.

The vinyl looked beautiful, and the artwork was top notch. I cleaned it on my RCM using the AIVS 3-step formula. Upon closer inspection, there was a white piece of debris lodged into the last song on Side A that could not be removed. No big deal, I thought. I then put the record on.

Side A was so warped, the record looked like it wanted to take off from the platter. I don't think the edge of the record even touched the platter at all. Luckily, I have the VPI periphery ring, which took care of the problem. Then, from the moment the stylus touched the record surface, there was an audible surface noise throughout the entire album in the left channel. I'd blame my set-up if it wasn't for the fact that numerous other records from my collection, bought new or used, do not have this noise.

Side B, aside from the surface noise, was also pressed off center.

I do admit the sound was quite good, especially Jones' voice, if I ignored the constant left channel noise. But I then put on my beat-up $5 copy of "Fleetwood Mac" and the thing was more quiet and sounded simply better.

For $35-$40, I find the quality of this pressing absolutely unacceptable, whether it's an exception or not. And it was extremely disappointing to see another reissue fail (not that there were ever Norah Jones original pressings to begin with, but her CDs sound pretty darn good) from a highly respected company that charges premium dollars for its product and makes pretty bold claims about its quality.

I thought I'd share this as I'm very frustrated after spending over $40 for this lemon.
fwiw i purchased the deads reckoning and it sounds as good as advertised. rhinos europe 72 vol. 2 otoh meh.
I own many Analogue Production LP'S, and I own all of the presently reissued Prestige mono series and Verve 45's pressed at QRP, and not a single one was defective or did not sound absolutely fabulous in every way. The entire package is first class.
My impression is that the quality control has been improving and is drastically better than early efforts. In my experience they currently are among the most consistent and I don't hesitate to buy their products if they appeal to me.
I bought the Norah Jones "Come Away with Me" 200gm Analogue Productions LP from one of the reputable on-line stores and was disappointed with the sound quality. Her voice breaks up in the left channel at times throughout the entire LP. I cleaned the LP on my VPI several times but the distortion didn't go away. I returned it and got another copy but it had the same issue. A few weeks ago I bought the regular pressing of "Come Away with Me" on Blue Note for $12.50 from Amazon(less than half of what I paid for the AP production)and it played perfectly and the sound quality was excellent. I learned from this that audiophile pressings are not always better than the regular production ones.