Quality pre amps with home theater by-pass

Was looking at the pass XP-30 and was surprised (and delighted) to see they have included what looks like a "thoughtful" HT bypass on what is their top tier preamp (save the XS).

Wanted to see if folks are aware of other similar quality pre amps with the HT bypass function.
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I think VAC includes HT bypass in at least some of its preamps if not all. I'm sure you know this, but it's very easy to establish a reference volume level with a pre that doesn't have a bypass (I just set mine at 12:00 to make it easy). Would open up a lot more options for you. Just a thought, and best of luck.
I used to set up like this with my ARC pre. But thought it was a waste of premium Amperex 6922 white label PQs for watching movies, so I completely separated the two systems.

I have a Parasound JC-2 BP. You can configure any of it's 6 inputs as a home theater bypass (or more than one). That also includes the XLR inputs. This is only on the BP (bypass) version and is $500 option.