Quality recorded opera performances

I am looking for operatic performances, but wish to limit my selections to great recordings of good pieces (or operas), rather than vice versa. If you have experienced one lately that gave you goose bumps from a recording production standpoint, please chime in.

Thanks All
Orff's "Oedipus Der Tyran" on DG 139251/53 Directed by Rafael Kubelik, starring Gerhard Stolze as Oedipus. This is arranged for six piano, four of them two-hand at one point and for a wide array of instruments from four harp, organ, trumpet, glockenspeil and triangle to bongo, timbales, konga, marimba and tom-tom. One of his last, it dates to 1959. Great engineering and performance of a greatly spiritual (if avant guard) and deeply moving work.
The new recording of Marriage of Figaro on Harmonia Mundi is a great recording, but it's also a great piece, so I don't know if you are interested.
Thanks all for your opinions.

Re: Libor35's post ... I was hoping to get responses from those who have experienced opera pieces with great recording and production values; but if the opera is marvelous as well, so much the better.
Shipper's performance of La Bohemme on EMI always gives me goose bumps. I love Freni in the role as Mimi. Whether you think it is a great recording or not depends on your values - as with many older opera recordings you can hear the singers walking about the stage, etc, they are not just standing at MIC's singing. Often thats realistic to those who attend opera and distracting to those who are just "audiophiles".