Quality Rock/Pop CD recordings

I'm interested in finding consensus opinions for the best quality recordings of Rock/Pop CD's to augment my library. (i.e. Steely Dan-Two Against Nature, Dire Straights-Brother in Arms etc..) I'd like to stick to this genre as I'm pretty well set on my Jazz and Classical collection. Feel welcome to qualify your picks.


Probably a little heavier than what you want but Rage Against the Machine's debut album (self titled) has "Killing In the Name Of" and is easily one of the most dynamic tracks out there. It'll scare your neighbors on a good system.
I have these on high rotation and enjoy the sound:

Love over Gold - Dire Straits
Hats - The Blue Nile
Ray of Light - Madonna
Joe’s Garage - Frank Zappa
So - Peter Gabriel
Settle - Disclosure
The Color of Spring - Talk Talk
Rain Dogs - Tom Waits
Walking Wounded - Everything but the girl
XX - The XX