Quality step-down converter for Sugden A21SE 220V to 110V

Might send my older integrated to New Zealand with a friend.  Need converter suggestions.  No external voltage slider switch.  If there is an internal one, I’ve missed it.  Need direction for quality name in converters for such a nice piece.

Compressed time frame here, so please no suggestions of a tech converting it internally unless you know one in Boise, Idaho immediately.  Thanks 


Any AC step-down converter available on Amazon or eBay will work well. No need to spend lots of $$$.

Not an easy problem.  Most transformers you see available commercially are pretty poor not to menation most hum audibly enough to be heard from the listening position.  I did use a step up transformer successfully to test an amp (I have 240v at my stereo stand but wanted to test something else).  it worked and sounded almost as good.  a bit of advice, overisze your transformer,  use at least 2kw, preferably 5kw.  A commercial transformer has a high output impedence which limits the amp.  Better would be to get a power regenerator from PS audio and put it downsstream of the transformer....it has almost zero output impedence.  I asked them if they made one that went 120 to 240 or vice versa and the kid on the phone gave me a bs answer why it couldn't be done.

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I have moved to Europe, from the USA, twice. Simply bought myself a 2 kW voltage converter/power stabilizer. Worked perfectly for me. See my previous post on this subject.

If your equipment has a switchable input and you can set it to 240V, that will work just fine. I have owned various pieces of QUAD and Revox equipment with 100, 120, 220 or 240V switchable inputs that worked just fine in the UK (240V), Europe (220V) and USA 120V.

Warning: A lot of Krell, Martin Logan, Mark Levinson etc. equipment have a voltage/frequency sensing chip on the power input board. If it detects the correct voltage but wrong frequency it will not work. I found out the hard way when I tried to run my Krell HTS on a 220V-120V transformer; 120V/50Hz instead of 120V/60Hz.