I’m really happy with my system. However when a technician, who is also a salesman, came to my house for a stereo repair he complimented my set but said it would sound a lot better if I switched out my Benchmark AHB2 amp (which I think is great) for a Pass 30 wpc class AB amp. He offered to let me hear that amp in my system so that I could decide for myself (at a fee of $300.) The only problem is he doesn’t  have the 30 watt amp in stock but would have to demo the Pass sound with 60 watt monoblocks. He assured  me that with my very efficient GoldenEar Triton 1 speakers the 30 watt amp will almost have the the same quality.

Do you think I can honestly judge how the smaller amp will actually sound? Or should I cancel the demonstration (and save$300?)



No offense, but what does the cost of your speaker wires have to do with my situation?

@rvpiano the dealer thinks you're a total idiot.  You can either prove him wrong or confirm his opinion.  You don't have a quandary!  A quandary implies a difficult decision and this is not.

It cost me 300 bucks the last time i wanted to upgrade ( i am a bit foolish) from my vintage sansui alpha to one of  the best pre-amplifier  or tube  headphone amplifier possible...

Alas! i decided to return it after 15 minutes...😊


If you own something good pass the Pass especially if you could loose money ...

Now that I’m listening to more recordings objectively I’m hearing the brightness of the Benchmark sound which could be tamed by Pass.

I have always found the Benchmark amps to be quite analytical. When I had my Triton Ones, I used an Odyssey Stratos amp which at 150wpc and 60 amps of current was a perfect match to the Triton Ones.  I moved on to the Triton Refs and now use a 300wpc McIntosh amp which puts me over the moon.  Not sure you will like having only 30wpc but it will be a better sound than the Benchmark.