I’m really happy with my system. However when a technician, who is also a salesman, came to my house for a stereo repair he complimented my set but said it would sound a lot better if I switched out my Benchmark AHB2 amp (which I think is great) for a Pass 30 wpc class AB amp. He offered to let me hear that amp in my system so that I could decide for myself (at a fee of $300.) The only problem is he doesn’t  have the 30 watt amp in stock but would have to demo the Pass sound with 60 watt monoblocks. He assured  me that with my very efficient GoldenEar Triton 1 speakers the 30 watt amp will almost have the the same quality.

Do you think I can honestly judge how the smaller amp will actually sound? Or should I cancel the demonstration (and save$300?)


To those who say (some in a snarky manner) that I am   being tricked into this purchase by a diabolical predator, let me say I am aware of the seduction.  Nobody is more gullible to suggestion and at risk for deception than an audiophile.  That’s why I created this post, to see what others had to say.  And I must say there are a myriad of opinions. 
 What is driving my interest in now trying out the amp is the posts of those who believe it will make a big difference in my system. It’s enough of a percentage to convince me to at least see what it’s like.

It's one thing if you were actively looking at that amp to purchase - even paying $300 for an audition could well be worth it to you compared to buying, not liking it, then having to resell.

But then you weren't actively looking. There could well be other amps out there for you to audition that won't cost $300 to listen to, and that you may like equally well.

As long as your willing to lose the $300, go for it. That could well be a bargain compared to not listening to it  and having the "what ifs" keeping you awake at night.

But you could also check around for other shops that may have a loaner program


if you can afford 300 bucks lost go for it and test it... Life is too short to stay in doubt...

 I am in a more tight budget... And i love too much what i have now...

@rvpiano , I can only speak for myself, but I would not pay $300 to audition the monoblocks that were not the ones that I was going to buy. Honestly, I think I would have a hard time seeing my way clear to paying $300 to audition the equipment that I was thinking of buying. However, I assume that in the event you did buy the equipment that you were auditioning the $300 audition feen would come off the price?

I think I got the impression from one or some of your posts that you live in NYC? And with no sarcasm intended, I suspect things like dealers bring equipment over to a clients home for audition is probably different there then in other places?