Quantum Science Audio Thread

This is a thread for those who wish to discuss Quantum Science Audio products of all types.
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"Sound application outlet."

I'm using the Sound Application Power Conditioner. Did you just change out one outlet? 

By the way, I pasted the entire inside of the unit with Total Contact. It took an entire tube to do the job. Super improvement in SQ.


So far, I’m finding the QSA Stones to be the best value for for me in their line. The trick is to use all three colors together, and put them in places that have strong EM fields, like on top of power and signal transformers.



I had one SA outlet in the wall and changed it out to the Red. Small positive outcome. I still have it and May install it in my bybee  stealth power conditioner. Not such an easy task seeing the wiring on the outlets and positions are hard to change out.