Queen on American Idol

Gotta love this, who could even come close to Freddie's range? I dont expect much but will be great to hear covers from my Idol of the 70's and 80's. Anyone following the show, predictions of who will perform what and who will excel? Katherine singing Love of my Life and Chris singing We will Rock you are my predicitions.
It should be a very interesting show. I think it will come down to Kellie, Katherine, and Chris. However, Katherine doesn't do mainstream and might not be getting the votes her voice and capability deserve to make it to the end.
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Yea right, she is 14 yrs younger than me and quite a looker. Afraid she holds the remote in that deal too.
I have actually enjoyed this season of American Idol. It will be cool to see Queen on stage. I think Chris, Katherine, and Taylor will probably rise to the top given the material. It will be interesting to see what song each of them pick.

(I really enjoyed Chris Daughtry's homage of "LIVE" doing Johnny Cash's "Walk the Line".)

I'm suprised no one has mentioned Elliot. He's one of my favorites. Lots of talent there.