Queen on American Idol

Gotta love this, who could even come close to Freddie's range? I dont expect much but will be great to hear covers from my Idol of the 70's and 80's. Anyone following the show, predictions of who will perform what and who will excel? Katherine singing Love of my Life and Chris singing We will Rock you are my predicitions.
I'm really not into AI (life is too short to listen to lousy or mediocre singers) but my wife watches the show. The Queen theme was a definite draw for me at the same time thinking how any of these idols could possibly cope or get close to Freddie's range? Taylor was the smartest to me. Do a song that doesn't take a huge range and mug for the camera while having fun. Although he doesn't have the best voice on the current crop, his act and intelligence in trying not to do something his voice could not do, made him a winner in the performance that night. Also choosing Queen really screwed the women. There are few female professional singers that can sing anywhere close to Freddie's range.

Chris has the lead in displaying studio-like professional chops in general, but that doesn't get an "idol" award. Simon has soured on him. And in some instances, for good reason, given that he sticks to the Pearl Jam formula stylistically. The one time he departed from that, he got hit for being "boring". That song was great. He's being penalized for stretching.

Chris is _by far_ the most confident and powerful singer left, and the most likely to get a contract after the show. He put's everything into his vocal, and a few shows ago, left my family (6&9 yr old girls included) breathless. He's had a couple misadventures lately, but that's largely on Simon's feedback.

The guy's on a mission, and you read that in his song delivery and affect on stage. He's every bit Eddie Vedder and more-- IMO. My pick for Idol, though Pickler looks to be Simon's darling, wonder what goes on behind the scenes? What trash TV, though my girls are hooked, and so I go there too.
Good show, Paris and Katherine kicked ass. Taylor had a strong finish and Chris did a decent job. Good vocal by Elliot but a crappy jacket, and Ace will squeek by another week. Kelly started great but her chances are better at being the next Mrs. Stewart, thats the way I saw it in that order. When will Katherine finally wear something sexy and wrap up this contest once and for all!
well it was a great show, although I thought it would actually be Rod Sewart songs, if performance means anything clearly Kelly should go, but she probably has a better chance to stay than Ace...by far those two were the worst, all in all a really great show.