Queen on American Idol

Gotta love this, who could even come close to Freddie's range? I dont expect much but will be great to hear covers from my Idol of the 70's and 80's. Anyone following the show, predictions of who will perform what and who will excel? Katherine singing Love of my Life and Chris singing We will Rock you are my predicitions.
How about choosing songs from a mediocre singer (albeit a great writer) like Paul Simon? That would give these amateur voices a better chance to shine.
Velo62, Ace did ask for a marching beat pseudo militaristic. Which was immediately squashed, thank God!. This upcoming week should be interestng?
Simply unbelieveable that Chris is out; he is by FAR better than anyone they have ever had on the show--always consistent.
They did him a favour, could you imagine him being paraded around the malls of the US as the trophey boy for AI? He should now focus on a minor pot possesion bust, straighten his street cred and wash the stink of Idol off of him.
Velo62, you crack me up. You are correct though. Chris is simply too good and off mainstream to be an American Idol. Among the final four, he's the only one I'd spend money to hear. He'll do great if he can get a more engaging personality.