Question about Active Bi-amping

Curious about Active Bi-Amping.

My understanding is that to setup an actual active Bi-Amp (with compatible speakers), you would need either 2 mono block amps per speaker or 2 stereo amps and a External Crossover?

Would the Crossover in the Speaker need to be bypassed or removed?


If you were to do Passive Bi-Amping, you would connect each amp directly to the speaker terminals but how would you connect the Amp Signal connections back to a pre-amp or Integrated since most are only have a a simple left and right output?




@jasonbourne52 , Thanks for the feedback.

What speakers would you suggest?

Here is some of the equipment that I am working with currently:

- Sugden A21SE Integrated
- Vincent SV-500 Integrated

Going back and forth on the Integrated's to see which one I like

- Mofi Studio Deck with Hana SL

- Sim Audion Moon 110 LP V2 Phono Stage and Jolida JD9 MK II

Once again, using both back and forth

- Questyle CMA400i DAC

- Technics SLG-700 SACD

Let's say a budget of $5000

But wondering, if I were to consider other speakers, would I need to really make a huge jump to witness a difference?



In the case of ATC (which I import to the US), there is no driver compensation, just filtering. One would completely remove the driver connection to the [passive] crossover and install a new connection straight to an amplifier, with an active crossover determining level, slope and frequency. This is not an easy thing to know and is usually beyond most of us to "self calibrate" the speaker without measurement equipment and a lot of the technical data on what the final curve should look like.

I can recalibrate ATC’s in my shop when drivers are replaced or upgraded, but I have a $12K measurement system with an Audio Precision device (a computer basically designed for measurement) and special acoustical software and a "calibrated to the computer" mic for the measurements. I know no one could do that at home, even if they had the gear, because knowing what the original curve was or should be is critical to avoid changing the way the speaker sounds dramatically. Experimenting, one could easily ruin the sound of a system and not know how to get it back without sending it back to the factory.


@jay73 Wrote:

What speakers would you suggest?

Let’s say a budget of $5000

Look for a nice used pair of JBL 4429’s and you can passively bi-amp them. 😎




With the two integrated amps you mention you can only do passive bi-amping with speakers that are designed to be bi-amped. I believe you should be able to connect  all of your sources to one amp then use the preamp outs from that amp and connect those to one of the inputs of the second amp. You can then connect the speaker outs of the first amp to either the low or high inputs of the speakers and the second amp to the other speakers inputs.

You would need a different preamp/amp set-up in order to use an active crossover and unless you wanted to add subs to your system, it's probably not worth doing.