Question About Low Frequency Sounds

I came across the following info on the internet and I can't figure out whether it makes any sense or not.

Sound frequencies below 20Hz (even up to 30Hz) can directly affect states of consciousness. For those of you who don't know, our brains vibrate at different frequencies depending on the level of awareness (consciousness) we are in. Consciousness lies on a continuum. The scale is as follows:

.5-3Hz - Delta. This is the sleep state.
4-7Hz - Theta. The meditative/hypnotic state.
8-12Hz - Alpha. The "relaxed alert" state.
13-20Hz - Beta. Normal wakeful consciousness.
20-32Hz - High beta. Manic states.

Does anybody know anything about this? If true, it's implications on music reproduction could be profound.
Thanks for all the intelligent responses. Here's a link to the site where I found the info. Someone named "MusicMedicine" is the main contributor.

I've experienced nausea when exposed to low frequency sounds, so I have an inkling about how powerful sound can be. I'm just wondering if this effect is used in movie theaters or dance clubs to elicit emotional responses in the audience. Also, vinyl playback can produce all sorts of low frequency resonances and I wonder how this might influence the emotional states of the listener.

thats a sonic distupter, i saw something about them on the discovery channel a while back. Its an interesting design, you can even make a DYI project out of this.

Its about a 3 foot metal cylinder about 8inches to a foot in diameter. One end is sealed and has a sparkplug type igniter in the center facing inward to the tube. gasoline is fed to it and the spark plug causes the gas to explode.
The resulting ultra-low frequency resonation can be aimed and directed (isnt it supposed to be non directional?) by the open end of the tube

the effects are usually a combination of nervousness, severe nausea and vomiting, loss of conciseness, confusion, and dimentia, depending on range of target.

I dont think they are allowed to use these yet, i think they are still in prototype stages because they are worried about possible long term effects and even the lethality of it.

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dont quote me on any of this, it was about a month ago i saw this, but this is what i remember. it might not be 100% accurate

The information about brain waves are true. They are the typical brain activity as measured on an EEG (electroencephalogram), and often used in sleep studies.
Delta waves are found in the deepest stages of sleep, while beta waves are much higher in frequency (relatively) and seen in REM sleep.

What their implications on music is beyond me.

If you look here at the table of contents (left column under No 2) you can review the course I've been taking on brain frequency training. But after two years at I still can't get off 1hz. The doc says I'm the first person he's seen with a resonant frequency of 1hz. I'm a good sleeper.

Hope to see ya in class

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