Question about McIntosh & BW 800 Series for sale

Due unforeseen situation it's very likely that I will need to sell my complete Audio Setup; I am located in Miami and I would like to know if based upon your experience could be sold as a whole; and how much could be ask for.
Actually the setup is connected and working smoothly.
The full setup is:
  • MT-5 (Never used)
  • BDP-83
  • MVP871
  • MX120
  • MC205
Speakers (Satin Black):
  • B&W D81 Sub (No more than 40 hours)
  • B&W 803 D2 
  • B&W HTM1
  • B&W 805 w/stand
I am the original owner, all the equipments were purchased by me 2 years ago, the MX120 was purchased previously to be used with a 600 Series that I previously owned and the OPPO BDP-83 either.
Because I was relocated from abroad the HTM1 & one of the 805 shown a damage at the tweeter (grill perfect, it's a bump at the tweeter membrane)
Except for the bumps the System it's almost 10/10.
I prefer to sell to someone that could test it and picked up from my home.
Ideas regarding a price will be appreciated.
Thanks in Advance,
I wouldn't try to sell your system as a whole since not that many will want exactly what you have. Sell your system piece by piece, you will get more $ and it will be much easier to sell.