Question about Morrow ICs?

Are there significant differences between the various models MA1-MA6? Thanks!
More about the MA3s. As I listen to recording after recording, I am finding dynamic shadings come forth like never before, as well as the playing intensities of the musicians. What I am talking about is a window that has opened up allowing me to hear more of what the musicians are doing, which to me is what it is all about. These multiple runs of tiny thin wire, as used by Morrow Audio, has done to my system what one might think an amplifier change might do. Being part of this industry for many years, as well as an avid music listener, I am blown away. I am also happy to say that my associated equipment is better than I had thought as well. These cables are so neutral, it allows other things to show through. Thank you, Mrdecibel....
I have been on an audio hiatus for a year. I've been hearing so much about the Morrow cables I had to jump back in. Purchased burned in MA1's and MA2 interconnects. I agree they do clean up the treble and are more detailed in the mids. Vocals sound really good showing off what my tubed pre and amp can do. My question is if the bass will catch up sometime? My current cables are Audience AU 24's. The AU's don't have the mids and high's of the Morrow's but their bass is just so tuneful,hefty and real. If the I could have Morrow mids and highs and Au 24 bass I'd be close to perfection.

My speaker cable is Straley Reality and powercords are Tel-Wire and Lessloss. Has anyone compared the Morrow cables to these cables/cords?

The Morrow cables need 400 hours of burn in, so unless you have that many, do not expect the bass to be fully open. There is no "overhang" with the Morrows. Music starts and stops on a dime(MA2s are much better than the 1s). The Morrows are very see through, and I hope they are not showing weaknesses elsewhere in your system....
As my MA2's have accumulated more hours, the bass has filled in somewhat. I think they are great. I just revel in what they do so well, without paining over what they won't.
Hello all!
On my cables, the bass is one of the last things to come in during breakin.

One thing that I feel needs discussing... If a person had been using stranded cables in their system, they need to understand that the bass that they have been listening to was probably bloated and smeared.

Stranded wire will do this to the bass,causing a less tuneful bass and an appearence of more bass. Putting my cables in the system removes these distortions, making a more tuneful, fast and pitch defined bass.

A person no longer hearing the bloated and smeared bass, one might feel that there is "less" bass, which is not the case. One soon gets use to this and finds that they are enjoying their music more and more with accurate and correct bass.