Question about setting up multi-zone with traditional amps

Let’s say one was opening a restaurant/bar where music and audio is a pretty important part of the experience.

And let’s say one wanted to outfit their establishment with a good audio system where there would be at least 4 stereo zones.

And let’s say that rather than using an off-the-shelf multizone amp like a Parasound, one wanted to do this with 8 efficient speakers and either 4 stereo power amps or 8 mono block power amps. 

What would the best way be to send a pre-amped signal to all those amps and the best way to control the volume of each stereo pair?

Is there such a think as a multi zone pre rather than power amp?

As an example, let’s say our bar owner decided to use 8 Zu DWX speakers and 8 Schiit Gjallarhorn amps set up as monos.

Any advice on an appropriate front end?

and then ….

Say this person realizes this is all a fools errand and decides to go thr multizone amp route … does anyone have any recommendations there?

the good thing about some of these multizone amps is a traditional preamp out signal can be sent to the bus input of the multizone amp and then applied to all the zones.



Is there such a think as a multi zone pre rather than power amp?

It is a Line Level Audio Distribution amplifier.

Having owned clubs, you want to go MONO.  No one is ever in the sweet spot so it always sounds off balance or muddy. Also, you are best off with a lot of smaller speakers.  If you went with just a couple of large speakers some people will get blown away while others won't hear enough.

I'm not in love with the sound quality of commercial amps but they do take abuse well.  I have literally melted home audio amps after several months of constant use.  The same can be said of impedance matching transformers/selectors.  Niles makes 8 pair selectors that can handle the current and your amps will only see 8ohms.

Ideally for me:  Bluesound node into a pair of crest amps to an 8 speaker (or more) selector.  All running mono.  Some strategically placed subs will help.  People love some "thump".  Keep in mind that employees always thin they are smarter and will keep blowing your system.  Zone volume conrols are vital to keeping it all smooth and even.

Parasound also has a nice line of multi-channel amps especially for this need.