Question about Sophia Electric Baby tube amp...

I am wondering if anyone out there has purchased the "cap upgrade" from Sophia electric for this amplifier. Just trying to determine what changes in the sound when doing the upgrade and if it seems to be worth doing at all.

Also, have any owners of this amp changed power cords and if so could you make a recommendations (realistic cost).

Any and all comments suggestions welcome and appreciated.

As a means to try out a tube amp, I purchased one of these some years ago. Being encouraged by the performance of the little beast, and being one that enjoys tinkering, I ordered the cap upgrade, and installed them myself.

I also put in NOS tubes, and used a power cord I had on hand. Anything you choose to use will be an improvement over the stock power cord.

I felt these upgrades made a substantial improvement in the sound from the Baby amp, and got me on my way to many more tube amps, preamps, and phono stages.

If you can perform the upgrades yourself, you can save a bit of money, and enjoy the process a bit more.

I agree. I owned both at one point and the cap upgrades (it was sonicaps at the time I believe) did make an audible improvement.

It is worth it to replace the input tubes as well if I recall.

Power cord, I doubt it but that is jut my opinion.