Question about suitable fuse metals

I've been wanting to experiment with audiophile fuses for a while but the cost and the concern of blowing one of these costly fuses has kept me from purchasing.  However, I read that solid slugs actually sound better than fuses and cost WAY less, so I purchased a 6" rod of 99.99 copper and, because I wasn't really thinking, also purchased another 6" rod of titanium.  I guess I was thinking of rhodium, palladium, or platinum, not titanium.   I had these cut down to 20mm and, so far have tried them in my amp, a Red Dragon S500, and my DAC, the Bel Canto 2.8, which I run direct without a preamp.   The titanium slug sounds pretty darn good in the DAC, noticeably better than the copper. I tried one in the amp as well and that combo did not work well at all.  The amp is doing better with the copper slug.  I looked up the electrical conductivity of titanium and found it is a rather poor conductor.  Is there any risk to the DAC using the titanium slug, given the poor electrial conductivity?  Thanks for any relevant input.


Hifi tuning are a very good buy ,if your system is on the warm side get the supreme silver,gold ,  if neutral the solid Copper is very good for $89

ceramic body finesilica inside , gold over copper end amps and Cryo treatedseveral days . Synergistic purple use “less conductive Brass with a git of Graphene coating 

in their $200 purple fuses, the even have a White $600 fuse .

they recommend 1-2 , No thanks ,


Well if you're not concerned...then neither am I!

But a better idea would be to go to the and sign up for their

newsletter/sales flyer.  They have SR fuses on sale regularly.



@mrskeptic - See we see these accounts trying to do things like replace their breaker panel with solid copper bars for best transmission, or use paper and bees wax insulated power cords then they go silent and we never hear from them again.

I kind of wish their family would know to come tell us when their experiments have ended badly when they can’t.