question about these turntables

Any chance anyone members have any experience with turntable maker Rek O Kut?
Website is

If so I would like to hear your thoughts.
My father had one in the 60s. It looks like a specialist's shop. I did note that they are trying to reach the audiophile market, I haven't heard one play but think the site is a really cool resource. Do you like 78s?
I am tempted to buy one of their less expensive tables myself.
I have some from my parents and I want to get back into playing my albums. I saw a few of these on ebay and the price was not bad at all.
I like the vpi lineup but I don't know which table is better than the other for a 3k or less price point.
Rek O Kut is a famous name from the early days of hifi. They were ruggedly built and found in a number of radio stations back in the day. Another competitor was Weathers. My first "serious" turntable was a Weathers. Both companies favored idler wheel drive. Both companies faded from view in the late 1960s if memory serves.