Question about vintage Marantz 22xx power output

I am looking to purchase a vintage Marantz receiver off of ebay except i'm having trouble figuring out which one I need (power wise)! I will be using bookshelf speakers for the time being, but would like to move up to something bigger in the years to come. So I guess I need something that would work decently in both cases. I found a really nice 2225 but that doesn't seem like it would be much power when it comes to bigger speakers.

I found a couple really good ones that I could buy: 2225, 2238, 2245

My dad has an old kenwood ka-3500 (40wpc) which is more than enough to run a pair of classic advent loudspeakers. Other than that, that's really all I have to go off of.

I guess an option is to i'll buy the 2225 for now and then in a couple years if I decide to go bigger I can get one with more power!

Any insight is greatly appreciated!

The 2230 and 2270 come to mind as classics, I had a 2230 which sounded great with a pair of Epi bookshelf 6" models (until it broke - 1 channel just blew out and I never got it fixed).
I used a 2252B for several years of flawless service. Passed it along a couple of years ago to a friends son that was returning from Iraq who wanted to build a vintage system.

I have read several posts by vintage Marantz enthusiasts and they seem to agree that the 2238 is an especially nice sounding unit.
I'm driving a pair of a/d/s L620's with a Marantz 2238b with stunning results. The 38w/ch is more than enough to fill the 14x20 room that houses my vintage system.