Question for amp experts

Is it technically possible for Active speakers to sound as good as great separate amps? 
That depends on the money , and compared to what 
If is hooked up internally just using a module and internal digital board no.
Many commercial loudspeakers speakers are active designs.  Think concerts, studio monitors, etc.  

I think digital actives like those from Meridian are really impressive and worth a listen.  You have to remember that you are getting a dedicated amplifier for each speaker driver.  Everything is matched by design.  The older Meridian speakers like DSP5000s, 5500s and 6000s all use class A amplifiers, and are available on the used market at a fraction of their original prices.  It can be a lot of trial and error (and $) to match speakers, amps, components and cables in a conventional system.

To address an earlier point, the components need not be in the speaker cabinet for an active speaker design- NHT had an active model where the electronics were in a module separate from the speaker cabinet.
Anybody who thinks a class d amp sounds good has never heard a good amp. Anyone who thinks an amps chassis makes no difference has never heard a great amp.
" While i have not heard the latest, i think the flagship Meridian system is a case for the active approach."

Not even close.