Question For AudioPrism Power Foundation Owners

I have the "I" version. It has a detachable IEC power cord which appears to be an upgrade over stock cords. However, the prong holes in the female Hubbell plug run horizonally instead of vertically if you know what I mean. I would like to upgrade the power cord (there have got to better ones available) but I'm not aware of any cords with the female plugs configured in this way. Does anyone know of a power cord that would fit this AC conditioner that would be an upgrade over the cord it came with?

I think what you are talking about is a 20amp cord, as my Audioprism has. I was able to upgrade to a BMI EEL, but Brian no longer makes those cords. Anyway search for a 20amp cord and that should work. --Lorne
I tried a number of cords for my AP Foundation 3, with the Tg Audio HSR-A v2 being a clear victor. I would just buy a new one from any number of dealers (Vinyl Valet has a special on a them for $270??), as they do NOT show up used very often because they are giant killers. Just order it with a 20amp IEC termination. Or really treat yourself and get Bob's new Ac creation, the Tg Audio SLVR Ac cord. If you buy a used one, just send it to Bob Crump, and he'll reterminate it for like $25, or something in that ball park.

Replacing the stock AP cord was the best improvement I have made to my setup in some time. Improved the performance of everything attached to the AP Foundation3(ie everything!).