Question for cable/wire naysayers.....

For those who state that cables don't make a difference...... are you saying that all cables sound the same?  If not, what are you saying?   I've experimented with many different brands and materials and I can't possibly believe that those naysayers hear no differences.   And if the science says that the cables should sound the same, a simple experiment (listening!!!) should prove otherwise.  Or, are these naysayers not listening for changes in resolution, soundstaging/imaging, coherence.....and so on between cables?  Please elaborate on what you are NOT hearing and feel free to drop names.  What cables have you compared that didn't sound different?   I've just gotta know.  I'm floored every time I see a post or response in which cables are called snake oil or something comparable.  Please enlighten me......Thanks.
Then there is the issue of not all ears being equal. Just as in all other human endeavors, training and experience matter. As Michael Fremer has reported, when the results of blind tests come in, the very top and bottom performers in a group are "thrown out", the former being cited as an aberration. In a group of 10 listeners, 8 of them may score in the middle----half correct answers (or guesses ;-), half incorrect---one below that, and one above. If one listener identifies 10 out of 10 correctly, it’s a pretty good bet he really does hear a difference, yet his result is dismissed. Even if it weren’t, in the field of scientific study, 10 out of 10 is not considered statistically significant. Who cares?!
+1 on not all ears being equal.

Consider something from a different domain: smell.

There have been scientific studies of people coming into a test room and either smelling something unpleasant or not smelling anything at all. It runs at about a 50/50 split.

The human nose is capable of detecting a certain bacteria in "corked" wine at a level of about 3 parts per billion. I don't think this is instrument measurable yet. That's a pretty sensitive instrument.

A good sense of smell can detect up to about 10,000 unique smells. Most people are in the 4000 to 6000 range.

In my view, these differences in one sense raise lots of questions about other senses, including hearing. I've gone back and forth on this topic with cables, sometimes convinced there's clear difference in cables, sometimes not. Recently I compared some DH Labs Q10 to some Monoprice Nimbus 14 AWG cable, and after a number of close listening tests, decided that they sounded the same to me. But there's no way that I can conclude what any other cable does or doesn't sound like based on these results, nor what anyone else would think after doing the same comparison.

Most definitely, YMMV.
Actually the science shows that cables should sound different. At its simplest a cable has resistance, capacitance and inductance. These values are different for various cables. Introduce these different characteristics between two pieces of equipment and you will get differences in sound. I have consistently passed double blind tests with cables. By the way DB tests in audio have many problems which the literature shows
Simply put, all speaker wires can sound different when either resistance, capacitance, or inductance is changed. However there's no secret sauce to obtain whatever signature sound any cable allows which justifies exotic prices.
Yeah, if the naysayers believe the earth is flat, you're not going to convince them otherwise. They've been told a million times to just listen and they'll hear the difference. If they won't, well, why waste your time? You're just upsetting yourself and them. I must admit that, while I don't form opinions about things I don't know about or about which I haven't investigated or educated myself, I was very skeptical, until I LISTENED. I recently bought demo KEF X300A wireless speakers, and slightly upgraded the two standard USB cables, and even I, Mr. "I'm not spending a ton of money on something so stupid" heard the difference. I'm convinced, and I'm now spending about $1,300.00 retail (not exactly a "ton" of money" on "hi-end" cables for my new NAD M32/Focal Aria 936 speakers system. :-)