Question for Meitner DAC owners

I'm in the process of changing my amp and pre-amp, ( for the 50th time) - and started to play around with the power cord to my DAC 6E. I was astounded by the differences that I heard. I've never experienced that degree of change from a power cord.
I'm wondering what people are using with their DAC's.
An unrelated question - Is it ill advised to use two different length pc's for monoblock amps?
Well, I took a look at your system, and frankly, if you couldn't notice the differences between power cords I would be surprised :). Great system.

I know this subject is controversial, and some of you guys will scream "heresy", but to me it's quite obvious. If you have a fairly good system that you're very familiar with, power cord changes can alter the sound you perceive. I can clearly hear the differences between various cords I swap out on my SCD-1 and Electrocompaniet Dac. The most expensive cords I've tried don't always win the battle either.

On my DAC i'm using a Michael Wolff Carbon Ribbon cord. I put it up against a Kimber Palladian, PS Audio LAB-II, Custom Power Top Gun, Shunyata Black Mamba V2. I found the Carbon Ribbon performed best, with the Top Gun second.

Your results may of course differ, but you CAN hear the differences if you listen.
I second the Michael Wolff Ribbon cord, which i am using on my CD and Preamp. Made a big difference for the better in my system. I am now in the process of auditioning the Gain cords on my amps, very positive. I have used two different lengths of PC's on my amps with no difference heard, a 5 ft and a 7 ft.
I'm using a Michael Wolff Ribbon power cord also; with my Audiomeca Mehpisto II.X. My particular Source cord is his latest version (v.3 for me), which has kept all the great upper frequency sparkle and transparency that the previous versions had, and added more mid-range smoothness, with more depth and saturation to the overall tonal range. Michael just keeps making the darn thing better and better; and what's cool is any time he makes the cord better I get the latest version in exchange for the older version, at no cost to me, other than postage back. You won't find many/any audio companies offering this kind of deal with their products. Highly recommended!
I am also using the Shunyata Anaconda VX Alpha to very good success. A great cord and match for the DAC 6 IMO.