Question for Paradigm Owners, what speaker cable??

Noticed the other thread about Paradigms, for those users that are currently using these speakers, what are you using for wire and are you bi-wiring??? Thanks
Miked: What makes you think your speaker is more important than your amp/power source in making this decision? It's called speaker wire, but it connects two components.

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I have a good many friends who have paradigm systems and all run kimber, get the best you can afford if it is 8pr go with that if you can swing 8tc go with that, I think it would be foolish to have speaker cables that cost more then the speakers-thus ruling out most insanely priced cables.

What gave you the impression I thought speaker wire was more important than the amp??? Re-read the question, I just wanted to know what do owners of paradigm speakers use for speaker wire and whether or not they bi-wire.
Miked- If I were you I would get the MIT T-2 biwire
Mine listed for a bit over $500 but I got some used but mint ones for $200 from a dealer.I think they really do the trick for that slightly agressive tweeter in the Reference series.BTW,what Paradigms do you have? If you dont have the Reference series forget all I wrote! :~)
I use Monster M2.4s biwire. Another brand audiophiles love to hate. Swopped it back and forth several times with Kimber Bifocal XL and could definitely hear a difference but for watching movies the difference wasn't worth the cost.