Question for Paradigm Owners, what speaker cable??

Noticed the other thread about Paradigms, for those users that are currently using these speakers, what are you using for wire and are you bi-wiring??? Thanks
Miked- If I were you I would get the MIT T-2 biwire
Mine listed for a bit over $500 but I got some used but mint ones for $200 from a dealer.I think they really do the trick for that slightly agressive tweeter in the Reference series.BTW,what Paradigms do you have? If you dont have the Reference series forget all I wrote! :~)
I use Monster M2.4s biwire. Another brand audiophiles love to hate. Swopped it back and forth several times with Kimber Bifocal XL and could definitely hear a difference but for watching movies the difference wasn't worth the cost.
Ok,thanks! Again,I highly recommend the MIT T-2 biwire
These cables are very smooth and detailed.As I mentioned,they have the best bass of the above cables I've had in my system.They seem to add more power to the system too!
David 99. Thanks for the info. I have a pair of ref 80s v2.
Currently I have an Anthem AVM 2 for power.
I hooked a pair of left over Monster Cable powerline 3
at first while waiting for my new cables to be made. When I switched to these Supra Quattro 4.0 from Sweden I was in heaven. As the name implies a biwire design. My dealer set up what I have at home and we swapped different cables and these were by far the best of several we tried. About 500.00 a pair new.Cheaper for you in US dollars. The high end Cardas are smoother but the cost puts the system out of balance.
The bi wire is a must. I hear it in depth and image. Not as big a difference as some other speakers but for a good ear it's a must .
cheers Steve