Question for those that bolt their speakers to stands

I’m awaiting a new pair of KEF R3 speakers and since they have the mounting holes for bolting to the top plate of a stand I plan on using them that way. Up to this point I’ve typically utilized small sorbothane pads between the speakers and top plates. The tackiness helps to secure the speaker very well and it does a decent job decoupling the speaker along with protecting the bottom surface of the cabinet from scratches.

Considering the fact that I definitely want to protect the bottom of the R3 speakers while also bolting them down snugly, I’ve thought about using the sorbothane pads that I have already and sandwiching them between the speaker and top plate. The pads I use now are not designed to support a speaker as heavy as the R3 but this shouldn’t matter since any pads will probably be compressed beyond their ideal range since I’m bolting the R3s to the stands.  So in this case the pads will simply be for protecting the cabinet finish (along with very limited decoupling), and then I can use something like the Herbie’s Threaded Stud Gliders on the bottom of the stands for true decoupling. 

Does anyone have any thoughts on this or alternative suggestions based on their own similar experiences?  I appreciate the input.

I have never hard mounted my monitors to stands. I like using isolators between the stand and the monitor. Never had an issue with vibrations or coming off the stand. 

Glad to hear you are intent on doing the primary decoupling at the base of the speaker stands since you need to bolt on. I'd consider a thick soft towel, undercut to not show. I wouldn't use anything at all that might leave any type of residue or mark, I doubt a cotton towel would. With a thickness or two of towel, you can crank the bolt down a bit and still have some decoupling via the compressed towel, as opposed to pretty much zero decoupling with a piece of paper, e.g.

Still, if you can, test all of the items just to see if there is an audible effect.

(I've been stuck bolting inexpensive monitors as well in prior years due to cats... "No-they are not cat-stands!")


I have a pair of 805 D3’s with the original stands. I’ve used blu tack in in half dozen places per speaker and it’s worked well for me.