Question on preamp matching with Wright 3.5 2A3 am

Just purchased Wright 3.5 2A3 monblock amps. I also have a Rogue 66 Magnum pre coming for it. I wonder if the two will mate to give enough gain on my 96 db effecient Cain & Cain speakers. Here are the specs. I dont understand specs as far as matching amp/pre and hope someone could help.

3.5 mono's

Input imped 100K ohms
Input level 2 volts

Rogue pre

output imped 650 ohms
rated output 1.5volts rms
max output - 50V RMS
gain - line stage 23 db
max output 50V rms

I guess the 1.5 v rated output confuses/concerns me on the Rogue. Seems low? The Wright pre's and many others are 2.0 v rated output. Should this concern me?


I second Marco's recommendation of the Wright preamp. I heard my 3.5s with four different preamps, and the Wright pre lent the least coloration and most body to the music.
By the way, Bill, have you rolled those tubes in the Wrights? You're in for a real treat, especially with some of the excellent 6SN7 tubes available. Virtually everything out there--RCA, GE, Brimar, etc.--will have you tossing the stock EH's in a hurry.

Please let us know how your system sounds when all together. I'm curious to hear what you think of the Ben's.

I agree with Howard (and several others) that the Wright preamp works wonders with Wright amps lending body to the music. I use the Wright pre with the Wright 1.75's (type 45 tubes at 2w/ch). I also tried and enjoyed the Eastern Electric Minimax pre so you'll probably do well with the Rogue, just a different flavor to the sound with each pre. If you like the flavor provided by the Rogue 66 and appreciate the remote, just stick with it and enjoy.
Great system!
I answered a similar post on required sensitivity in preamps/amps to drive a system to adequate sound levels. Give it a should be able to sort out the numbers for setup...just sort out whether the numbers you gave are RMS, peak or peak to peak....I would suspect RMS.
The Wright 12WPL/WPA is a great match and must with George Wright amps. Both cut from the same cloth. Fast, detailed and see through clarity. Very nice sound together. Glad I took the plunge!

I may be wrong, but I thought the new IM-BEN's were around 92 dB sensitivity. Anyway, the Wright 3.5's should give you plenty of volume depending on your room size and listening preferences. I don't own any Wright gear, but I've heard them on a few occassions, wonderful stuff. I'm a SET/single driver convert myself about 2 years ago. I've never looked back. Some will say that the single driver and SET will not give you lower frequency satisfaction. Just remember, you can always use a sub to add that lower energy--that's what I did. Supposedly the IM-Ben, even with it's smaller Fostex 108 driver, gives a more solid foundation in the lower mids. There are smaller, fast subs like Terry's own Bailey, ACI's Force, and REL's offerings that mate quite well. Look over at 6moons for the latest review of the IM-Ben/Bailey combo--looks like another winner. No connection with Cain & Cain, just a happy Abby owner, and future I-Ben ES owner (hey!, A guy can dream can't he!)