Question on tube rolling with Melody I2A3....

I recently purchased a Melody I2A3 integrated amp, and have been quite amazed by it's performance on my Reference 3A MM de Cappo-i speakers. The 6moons review on this amp is right on the money, and is certainly going to be a keeper for me. Have any I2A3 owners out there tried replacing the stock Sovtek 2A3s with other sanely priced ($500 or less for the quad) 2A3's with noticeably better results? I replaced the stock 6SN7's with some nice 1950's Sylvania green label 6SN7GTB's, and the results were greatly improved dynamics, detail and speed, with even better extension in the highs. If upgrading the 2A3's gives similar improvements, I will be an extremely happy camper! Any suggestions?
That's great to know. Thanks a lot for that info. I'll try rolling the driver tubes like you recommend.
Yes, do be sure to give the Sylvania GTB's a try in this amp. The stock 6SN7's give the amp a warmer, thicker midrange that is relaxing, but the Sylvanias made it faster and more neutral, with lots of detail and attack.
Extension on the highs are now amazing. I also tried some of the more desireable 1940's Sylvania VT-231 6SN7GT's in the amp, which gave me even more detail, but they were a bit too lean in the midrange. The GTB's had better tonal balance.

...a little late but I just bumped into your post when searching for other info

I have a similar system as you, Melody 2A3 mono block amps and Reference 3A MM de Cappo-i speakers and so far I've tried these 2A3s tubes;

stock Sovteks - in the melody
Super TNT - in the melody
JJ/Tesla 2A3s - in the melody

The JJs tend to be clean. I like them better than both the Sovtek and Super TNT.

I'v also tried some different 2A3s in another amp (only needed 2 tubes)
2A3 Aria --

ken rad - in the Aria

Sophia Electric Princess - 2.5V/300B mesh plate tubes (2A3). - in the Aria

I don't know why the ken rads are so expensive. Maybe the ones that came with my amp were near end of life but in any case to me they just suck. The KR is also a mono plate where most 2A3's are a dual paralleled plate

I've also tried a pair of Sophia Electric Princess 2A3 tubes in my Aria 2A3 amp. These are even more 3 dimensional than the JJ/Teslas.
They have more punch and slightly higher power than the Sovteks and are more linear and are also smooth in the upper end. If I ever get another deal like the last one, then I'll pick up another pair and give them a whirl
in the melody amps