Question regarding reputation of SOTA tables

I'm a SOTA Sapphire owner. I've noticed that Stereophile and Absolute Sound never mention SOTA tables. Reviewers don't appear to own them nor are SOTAs ever on the "recommended" list of components. Are SOTAs that poor of a table? What gives?
I have had 3 Sota TT in the last 25 years. Star, Nova series V and now a Cosmos IV with Graham Phantom and Dynavector XV1's.

The Stereophile reviewer the guy upstairs is talking about who had reviewed the Cosmos a few years back was Paul Bolin. Paul Seydor from TAS concluded his review of the Cosmos as best TT this side of an SME30 or something to that effect.

Customer service and tech support is top notch. Actually i was talking with Kirk on Friday about a custom made armboard that i need made to my specs.

I would not worry too much about the reputation of a manufacturer that has been around for 25 years. You would not worry about the reputation of Audio Research.....Same holds true with Sota.
Why? because they've been superceded years ago, that's why.
Definitely an 80's table.
I bought a brand new SOTA Nova about a year ago. It is a GREAT turntable, especially with an SME 309, and I have no desire for change. It's everything I need in a turntable.
Exactly how have the SOTAs been superceded? They were innovative at the time (saphire thrust plate, inverted bearing, easily tuned suspension), but it's only been recently that other manufacturers have caught up.

What makes them "so '80's?"
Sorry, that was a bit snarky sounding. What I should have politely said was, I listened to Sotas quite a bit in the 80's when they were prominent, and I always found them lacking musically, I suppose boring, or not being able to pull the music off the platter. There were better tables, musically, then for the same or less money, and I still find that to be the same. If you have one and like it, then by all means enjoy. It matters not to me about the design or looks, which are fine, I only care about its music making abilities.