Question: Sound Treatment behind the Listener?

I have treated the 1st and 2nd reflection points and I have sound panels between my speakers. I also have tube traps in all 4 corners, but I am not sure what (if any) should be done with the wall behind the listener.

That wall presently has a DIY rack system that holds about 5000-6000 cd’s. I believe it helps scatter the sound. But I’m not sure if that is the right approach.

So, what are you guys using on that wall? Diffusion, Absorbtion, Reflection? Anything else?

I would appreciate your thoughts.



For some reason I thought one end of the room (behind the speakers) should be the "dead zone" and the other end (behind the listener) should be the "live zone".

No credence to that notion?


Ozzy, I followed the Anthony Grimani acoustic recipe, here is a diagram. Notice absorbers behind the MLP and 3D diffusors to each side: