Question: Sound Treatment behind the Listener?

I have treated the 1st and 2nd reflection points and I have sound panels between my speakers. I also have tube traps in all 4 corners, but I am not sure what (if any) should be done with the wall behind the listener.

That wall presently has a DIY rack system that holds about 5000-6000 cd’s. I believe it helps scatter the sound. But I’m not sure if that is the right approach.

So, what are you guys using on that wall? Diffusion, Absorbtion, Reflection? Anything else?

I would appreciate your thoughts.



Sounds like you have a lovely space and you have treated it nicely. Do not over dampen the room.

Do you like the sound you are hearing? Do you believe there is an issue or are you thinking that if you remove your racks you just might create one?

Diffusion is already working on the rear wall due to the CD rack so I believe that is the direction to start with.

I would suggest a 6” thick 2x4 panel directly behind you flanked with two panels specifically designed for diffusion. Diffusion is best when they are placed approximately 8 feet from the listener which it appears you will have slightly more so they will work great there.

If I understand correctly the back corners have bass traps all ready so you should be good after the three panels are installed.

Enjoy and don’t over think this since it appears you already have a very nicely treated room.

Live End Dead End treatment works great in a recording studio when you are near field. I have found in my space if the front wall is too dead so is the music. I have bass traps in the from corners, absorption in the middle and diffuser panels directly behind the speakers. Works very well. My speakers are 55 inches out from the front wall measured from the front of the speaker and the speakers are rear ported so the diffuser panel scatters the sound from the port. Just one way to handle a front wall, there are many others, but the key is don’t over deaden the room.

Thank you that is very good advice.

You are right on. I like the sound I have but am concerned that when I remove the Cd's/rack the sound may change.

What about Stillpoints Aperture ll's. I already have 6 in the room, would a couple more of them behind me work well?


I believe if you place one Stillpoint Aperture II on each side of a 6" thick absorption panel that is set directly behind your listening seat on the back wall you will be set perfectly and won't notice the CD racks as being missing. Mount them so the centers are in line with your ears. The sound probably will be even better. This assumes you have those bass traps in the corners of the back wall.

You think I will still need the 6" absorption panels even if I use the Stillpoints Aperture’s?

Here is what Stillpoints Aperture Panels claim:

"The Stillpoints Aperture is the only acoustical product that will give you both absorption and diffusion at the first reflection points of a system. And you want both!"

  • The Aperture’s unique trapping system captures an area of waveform much broader than its small surface area would suggest.
  • The Aperture can be used to trap waveforms either facing the wall or, facing away from the wall.
  • The Aperture effectively increases soundstage width and depth. This is especially true for smaller rooms. (See the Michael Fremer review in Stereophile, Feb 2016.)
  • The Aperture will increase the dimensional perspective of the image structure.
  • The Aperture focuses music and voice without room boundary.