question to Plinius Amp owner

Just curious to know what is the sounding difference you experience when you switch between class A and class AB? I guess this comparison might be more objective since the rest of circuit is the same except the bias. Can you confortably draw the conclusion that class a mode is better in every aspect ?
In my opinion, after a few minutes of additional use I hear additional extended highs, better mids and deeper more robust bass slam.
to my ears, the plinius in class a, is absolutely wonderful. perhaps close to the best characteristics of both tubes and solid state, but then, i may be a bit biased.
Lak & Danderson,
I'm not questioning your opinions but just a little bit confused. If what you said are ture, then it makes me wonders why Plinius bother to add a AB mode switch there ?
Easy, AB mode = less heat and less electrical comsuption, AB mode is fine for casual listenings, for example.