Questions about Resolving Systems

I know this will be subjective but what makes a resolving system?

Does it mean it has great detail?

How do you know if you have a resolving system?

Is that only for system that employ high end components?

I am just trying to get a better understanding.



...and they certainly resolve any issues you've with a bank balance.... ;) 🙄

@kota1   you nailed it!  I had an Esoteric N05XD Streaming DAC and it was resolving in the extreme black backgound.  Frankly it didn't sound realistic. It was too quiet beyond anything I have heard in the real world. 



OP --- what makes a resolving system?

An audio system sounds the most life like with everything mentioned above. It sounds like this video.


A truly Audiophile resolving system ,1st will take $$ on average at least $50 k

minimum , by many standards 

A system that can reproduce the finest detail within the separated instruments and vocals and place them in a wide soundstage with pinpoint accuracy.