Questions about Resolving Systems

I know this will be subjective but what makes a resolving system?

Does it mean it has great detail?

How do you know if you have a resolving system?

Is that only for system that employ high end components?

I am just trying to get a better understanding.



One thing that made me realize that my newer system were more resolving was the fact that I had listened to Too Old to Rock & Roll by Tull many hundreds of times over the years and really never read all the liner notes. I recently got my 40 year old album back and played it to hear a second voice throughout the track. Maddy Prior is singing along with Ian.



A truly Audiophile resolving system ,1st will take $$ on average at least $50 k

minimum , by many standards

We need to talk, I can put one together for $10K or less. If you use a headphone system for $5K. You need to checkout Benchmark:

Audio components (and the systems they are connect to) can commit errors of "commission" and "ommission". Which is to say they get things "wrong", injecting sounds (distortions, phase anomalies, etc) that trigger our ears & brain to believe that something just isn’t right. Errors of ommission relates to leaving out information, or attenuating it (micro dynamics, trailing vocals, detail, space between the notes, etc). Then there’s the whole balance and coherence thing, and placing things in space where they belong.

When all the stars line up and the "suspension of disbelief" kicks in -- where we reach the point when we "disbelieve" were listening to a mere facsimile of a live performance but rather we’re there WITH the musicians, we have assembled a "resolving system."


Steve, I really appreciate that you brought in the Helix design concept for the speake cable and audiophile diyer who experiments your idea gives a really favorable comments/reviews. I am inspired but wonder / not convinced one aspect of the design concepts. The principle is simple, twist the negative polarity wire around the positive one (preferrably at 90 degree) so they do not run in parallel to create the proclaimed noise / distortion. Usually, the twisted negative wire will run 2-3 times longer to achieve an ideal geometry. I am therefore concerned with the potential adverse effect (e.g. out of phase, etc.) due to the fact that negative polarity signal travels much longer than the positive signal. How legit is that concern? Second, in that regard, would the "mutually" twisted cable that is commonly available in the market (given the copper purity / annealing is in high quality) works better, since now the negative signal will travel the same distance with the negative while preserves the non-parallel property?

Headphones for 1 is fine for a alternative, but at least $Teens on up Loudspeakers 

to give resolution needs , dac no less then around $5k minimum

a perfect example which is am saving for T+A 200 dac $7k great dac 

amp,preamp or integrated $10kk.  Cables minimum of $6-8k if you count all digital 

I have $2500 alone just in 3- best in class under $1200 $750 each                   Linear Tube Audio Linear Power Supply., 2 high quality Ethernet cables such as Jcat ref , and usb , over $4k , synergistic fuses another $800, plus power cords,

a $2600 Puritan line conditioner , $50k  is roughly minimum for a truly uppermidfi Audiophile Audio System , my brother spent over $150k and is still always looking for ways to better his Audio system ,his latest DCS Rossini was $36k alone .

it’s all about Your budget.I owned a Audio store for 10 years  and nothing is set in stone . I recently sold a $8k integrated and the buyer was just using the stock $15 powercord , some people don’t get it and this same guy spent $20 k on speakers. 
synergy and balance done right you can save roughly 1/3rd in $$ saved.

I am just giving you a average , for myself you need to spend over $10 k minimum

such as say a Pass labs 200 integrated amp o4 separates. High quality does count , myself upgrading the Xovers in Loudspeakers for years  that is very lacking even in many speakers in well known Loudspeakers , I am just speaking on my many years of experiences  and opinion ,nothing more, at the end of the day it’s your money 💰.