Questions about stock Technics 1200GR OEM Phono cable

I'm looking for info regarding the stock phono cable that comes with the 1200GR.  

Im thinking of replacing it with a better cable but I'm not sure what capacitance I'm dealing with. 

I do like the sound of the stock cable, but just want "more" performance without altering the signature sound. 

Any thoughts are info?
I forgot that the GR had cables in the box, I never used them.  I did find a used set of VPI phono cables and have been using them since day one. I also have a MK2 original that I did an a/b cart/headshell swap and the GR certainly won.  Based on that experiment while swapping between the two Technics the tone never changed.   
I replaced my 1200GR cable with a Blue Jeans LC-1 cable at 12.2 pF/ft capacitance. Low capacitance is what you want for a phono cable. They sound great and I don't have to use a ground wire.
A phono cartridge with several hundred milli-henries of inductance (most mm's) will be sensitive to capacitive loading by the IC. Result: rolled-off high frequencies. MC's and MI's are immune to this!
Some MM cartridges required MORE capacitance to tame a rising high frequency response! Years ago Spectro Acoustics made a preamp with variable capacitive loading to account for this. I had one!